7 - 8 PM | KICK-OFF ASSEMBLY | Bra Factory

Shirley Manson (Garbage) in conversation with Eve Barlow (Billboard, Time Out, NYLON, Noisey)




SoundGirls 101: Live Audio Mixing for Musicians

Want to know when (and when not) to use gain? Or how to apply FX to vocals successfully? Learn the basics of live audio mixing from highly experienced live audio engineers on a real console -- or ask the more advanced questions that have been stumping you. Led by the professional members of SoundGirls.Org and Karrie Keyes.

Led by: Karrie Keyes + the professionals from SoundGirls.org

11AM | Bar “Star” Stage

Find Your Inner Fierce

(NOTE: Limited to 20 participants, 18+, women only. Thank you for understanding.)

This workshop engages women's powerful feelings and body wisdom as fuel for creativity and leadership, Radical Aliveness-style. Come ready to feel your feelings. Due to the dynamic and intimate nature of this work, size is limited to 20 participants and pre-registration is required. 18+ please. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move around and kick ass in; there will be physical movement.

Led by: Jennifer Huang + Cathy Johnson

12:30PM | Bar “Star” Stage

Music for Pictures

(NOTE: Limited to 12 participants.)

PANEL DESC: An open forum discussion for women who are already working at the intersection of music and pictures (including film, television, and commercials) to gather, ask questions and mutually explore topics in depth in a safe environment.
Led by: Alicen Schneider (SVP, Music Creative, NBCUniversal), Tricia Halloran, + Gingger Shankar (Composer, Singer, Activist)


12:30PM | Bra Factory

Ruidosa presents Heroína Latina: A Conversation With Mujeres Shaping Music and Culture Today

Ruidosa ("to make noise, to rumble, the agitators"), invites a bilingual and multi-cultural mix of mujeres musicians and culture-makers and -shapers to share their unique experiences of developing careers from such diverse spaces such as journalism, punk, ranchera, pop and alternative music. A conversation that explores the challenges of being a bilingual, multicultural female artist and communicator in the world today, including issues such as identity, gender and music, art and content as a vehicle of change and transformation. Today more than ever in the US, is the moment to talk about being latina, feminista and proud.

Led by: Francisca Valenzuela (Artist/Ruidosa) Chile/LA

Panelists: Marty Preciado (Editor, Nylon Español) (Mex/LA), Victoria La Mala  (Artist) (Mex/LA), Lido Pimienta (Artist) (Colombia/Toronto), Raquel Sofia (Artist) (Puerto Rico/NYC), Alice Bag (Artist) (LA)


2PM | Theater "Moon" Stage

Own Your Own Voice: An intimate performance and discussion with Madame Gandhi


2PM | Bra Factory

Women in the Music Industry

Five powerhouses from different facets of the music industry will speak about their individual journeys, their experiences with mentorship, and any advice they have for young girls who want to get into music.

Led by: Jasmine Lywen-Dill (WBR, Girlschool)

Panelists: Laurel Stearns (Manager), Sara Matarazzo (Founder, Walker), Elissa Ayadi (VP of Fan Engagement at WBR), Sarah Avrin (Senior Publicist, Girlie Action Media), Michelle Cable (Founder & Owner, Panache Booking)



11AM | Bra Factory

Queer & Trans* Women Discussion on Sexualization and Media

An investigation of the sexualization of women in media and the industry at large, and how that experience extends to queer and trans* women in particular. An exploration of the emotional trauma that accompanies being inundated with mass media, and how we can learn, move forward, and reclaim or own our sexuality with confidence. 

Led by: Dannielle Owens-Reid

Panelists: Stevie Boebi, Jimanekia Eborn, Jen Richards (Herstory)

11AM | Theater “Moon” Stage


An open conversation between established professional audio engineers from SoundGirls.Org about the experience of being professionals in audio that isn’t afraid to get technical. Questions on anything and everything job-, experience-, or tech-related welcome. All levels of interest and expertise welcome.

Led by: Karrie Keyes

Tiffany Hendren (FOH for A Silent  Film and Head of Sound Delmar Hall St. Louis)
Karrie Keyes (Monitor Engineer Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder)
Chez Stock (Freelance FOH Engineer and Tour Manager for Yuna, PPL MVR) 
Mary Broadbent (Tour Manager, Tour Manager Assistant, Merch Manager, Backline Tech for bands/organizations including Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Flogging Molly, HoneyHoney, Fitz and the Tantrums, The Prototypes, BottleRock Festival, The Forum, + Star Vox Entertainment) 
Karla Barrera (FOH / Monitor engineer at The Roxy. Freelancing  at various production companies including Swinghouse, AOP, Motion Audio)
Megan Benavente (FOH Engineer Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band and Troubadour, Frankie, Monitor Engineer Frankie, Finish Ticket) 


12:30PM | Theater “Moon” Stage

Music, Media, and Sexual MISCONDUCT

More women than ever are using the internet to come forward with experiences of sexual assault and abuse in the music industry, but has that translated into change? What are the consequences that come with it? Panelists will discuss their experiences speaking out, the challenges that remain, and navigating these stories in the era of Trump. 
Note: This discussion will include references to sexual harassment and assault and may be triggering for some.

Led by: Andrea Domanick (West Coast Editor, Noisey)

Panelists: Beth Martinez (Founder, Danger Village Music), Lorraine Ali (Senior Writer, LA Times), Julie Farman, & others TBA


12:30PM | Bar “Star” Stage


Alluxe, a.k.a. Laura Escudé, has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, from Kanye West to Jay Z, Bon Iver to Herbie Hancock and many more. Recently she opened for Miguel on his Wildheart Tour, programmed and arranged the music for Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour and DJ’d for Charli XCX. Laura was also the first person certified in the music software program Ableton Live, which is at the epicenter of all of these shows. She will discuss her career path from concert violinist to electronic musician and controllerist (as Alluxe) and her visions for the future of music. She will demonstrate tools to help create an engaging live performance using controllers and instruments.



Intersectional Feminism in Music

An exploration of inclusivity (or the lack of it) in indie music, strategies for elevating marginalized voices, and why our feminism must be intersectional.

Led by: Mukta Mohan (MTV, KXLU, Honey Power)

Panelists: Marin (Chicas Rockeras), Shana Cleveland (La Luz), Faye Orlove (Junior High), Drew Arriola-Sands (Trap Girl, organizer of Transgress Fest)